Gibbosinas (intro)

This post is an overview over my Gibbosina hybrids (P. gibbosum x Cortusina)
I did the pollinating in late summer 2009. Then the seeds were sown in January 2010.
Here are the plants in April 2010 (about 3 months).

The first flower came in July (from six months and later). The photo below is from the beginning of August.
From top left: Gibbosina Yellow, Gibbosina Purple (one flower), Gibbosina Bicolor, Gibbosina Orchid and Gibbosina Violet (bottom).

The flowers are night scented. Here they are all twelve:
From top left: Gibbosina Bicolor, Gibbosina Bright, Gibbosina Dusty, Gibbosina Lemon
Middle from left: Gibbosina Light, Gibbosina Lilac, Gibbosina Orchid, Gibbosina Purple
Bottom from left: Gibbosina Spotty, Gibbosina Sunny, Gibbosina Violet, Gibbosina Yellow

I have chosen out the six most different ones: Purple, Bicolor, Orchid + Bright, Light, and Violet. The rest is kept (temporary?) for perhaps further crossing.

The photos below show the stems after they are cut back in spring 2011.
All photos © Edgar