Some favourites

P. anethifolium x P. fulgidum

Hybridizer; Mike Brown, Australia.


‘Ardens’ is an old cultivar, a cross between P. fulgidum and P. lobatum, introduced in 1817. It was hybridized by Lee, Hammersmith UK, 1810.


My own cultivar – a seedling of P. gibbosum ‘Maroon’, 2011.


My own hybrid from 2016 – ‘Flora Midnight’ x ‘Lara Oracle’.


Another old hybrid of P. fulgidum x P. lobatum, or more probably ‘Ardens’ x P. lobatum from ca. 1827.

P. ovale x P. tricolor

A hybrid that originates from seeds from South Africa, around 2006.


The third old hybrid of P. fulgidum and P. lobatum – before 1869.


This plant is a seedling from ‘Flora Midnight’.
Whilst ‘Flora Midnight’ has very dark flowers, the flowers of this plant became very pale.
Perhaps because it has P. anethifolium back in its ancestors.


The buds have a purplish tone, and then the petals fade to an off-white colour as they age.