Some favourites

P. anethifolium x P. fulgidum

Hybridizer; Mike Brown, Australia.


‘Ardens’ is an old cultivar, a cross between P. fulgidum and P. lobatum, introduced in 1817. It was hybridized by Lee, Hammersmith UK, 1810.


My own cultivar – a seedling of P. gibbosum ‘Maroon’, 2011.


My own hybrid from 2016 – ‘Flora Midnight’ x ‘Lara Oracle’.


Another old hybrid of P. fulgidum x P. lobatum, or more probably ‘Ardens’ x P. lobatum from ca. 1827.

P. ovale x P. tricolor

A hybrid that originates from seeds from South Africa, around 2006.


The third old hybrid of P. fulgidum and P. lobatum – before 1869.