P. elegans

Species in the section Campylia.
Flower petals can be pink to nearly white, with darker veins on upper petals.
Leaves more leatherly than P. ovale.

(Grown from seed).

Some favourites

P. anethifolium x P. fulgidum

Hybridizer; Mike Brown, Australia.


‘Ardens’ is an old cultivar, a cross between P. fulgidum and P. lobatum, introduced in 1817. It was hybridized by Lee, Hammersmith UK, 1810.


Another old hybrid of P. lobatum from ca. 1827.


The third old hybrid that is believed to have P. fulgidum and P. lobatum as parents – before 1869.


My own grown variety from 2011 – a seedling of P. gibbosum ‘Maroon’.


My own hybrid from 2016 – ‘Flora Midnight’ x ‘Lara Oracle’.

P. ovale x P. tricolor

A hybrid that originates from seeds from South Africa, around 2006.

P. boranense

Species in the section Ciconium, previous placed in Jenkinsonia.
Named after Borana in Ethiopia, where it was first found in 1972.
P. boranense
Large orange-red flowers with darker markings.
P. boranense
Dormant in winter – needs higher temperatures than the pelargoniums endemic to South Africa.
P. boranense
P. boranense
Succulent stem with leaf bases. The leaves get quite thick.
P. boranense
Young plant.